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Against Breast Cancer is a charity dedicated to funding groundbreaking research to improve detection, treatment and increase survival after breast cancer diagnosis.

Our Diet & Lifestyle Study involves over 3,300 women from 56 hospitals across the UK and is the largest national study of its kind. By studying this collection of biological samples, dietary and lifestyle information, researchers can determine differences between women who develop secondary breast cancer and those who do not. This will provide clues as to what may increase or reduce the risk of developing secondary disease and how to develop better diagnostic tests and treatments.

  • Our Unique Approach
    The ultimate goal of Against Breast Cancer is to prevent secondary spread, which is the ca...
  • Researching New Treatments
    We need new treatments that target all types of secondary breast cancer cells before they ...
  • Earlier Detection
    We envisage a future where a blood or urine home test is available for people to monitor t...
  • Reducing risk (Diet & Lifestyle)
    There is a need for solid, evidence-based advice on diet and lifestyle factors that reduce...
  • How your donation helps
    Against Breast Cancer funds groundbreaking research by expert scientists, using one of the...

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