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The badge which shows our validation with CAF international, making giving from overseas safe and tax efficient. "Validated Organization - CAF International Global Charity Database." We are very proud to announce that following a comprehensive application and due diligence process with one of Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) International’s Global Offices, Against Breast Cancer has been awarded a CAF International Validated Organization Badge.

The badge provides donors located outside of the UK with the confidence that their donations will arrive safely and encourages further international giving to benefit the charity’s life-saving research.

CAF America have partnered with Accredible to create a secure, online, digital badge to help donors easily retrieve and share details on our status as a CAF International Validated Organization.

The digital badge and certificate serve as a seal of assurance for donors. The credential not only provides validation that Against Breast Cancer is structured and operates as a non-profit entity, badge holders are eligible to receive tax-efficient donations in the United States.

Thanks to CAF America’s rigorous due diligence process, when it comes to international giving, Against Breast Cancer are establishing a higher degree of trust with our partners and donors in the United States.

To view our badge click on the button below. Donors can be confident that all funds sent to the us will be used for the charitable purposes intended.

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