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For Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2023, DMM Climbing have three special pink edition products on offer: the Mega Vault, the Anchor Ring, and the Pivot. 5% of sales are being donated to Against Breast Cancer for our research into secondary spread, the main cause of breast cancer-related deaths.

Pink Mega Vault harness from DMM Climbing Pink Mega Vault harness - close-up

The Mega Vault is a harness accessory designed to conveniently store tools for a range of uses in tree care, building trades, and rigging.

Pink Anchor Ring from DMM Climbing Pink Anchor Ring from DMM Climbing

The Anchor Ring is a simple, versatile component for linking components together whether they are textiles or connectors. They are ideal for establishing anchor points where a tamperproof component would be preferred over an openable one.

Pink Pivot from DMM Climbing Pink Pivot - close-up

The Pivot is a belay device with an innovative shackle design to improve the process of lowering your second. This, in addition to the precision geometry that gives greater control over a wide range of ropes.

Thank you to everyone at DMM Climbing for your continued support.

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