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Natracare logo - smallNatracare was created in 1989 as a campaign to shake up the menstrual products industry and finally provide quality, organic and natural, eco-friendly options for periods. Today we have a full range of compostable, organic cotton tampons, organic and natural pads and liners, and certified flushable moist tissues.

In the very early 90’s, and the beginnings of starting to develop Natracare, I had met with the founders of the charity to see how we could help raise funds for their work alongside our products. The painting in the founders reception, however, did make a very big impact that became a life saver for me in late 2019 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

As a company, I wanted to deliver my ambitions of the 90’s to help raise funding, so we created a fundraising Natracare pack in partnership with Against Breast Cancer that will be on sale in the UK contributing £10,000 to their funds.

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