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Recycling Clothes CompanyThe Recycling Clothes Company Ltd run our doorstop clothing collections, as well as our bra recycling scheme, in England, Scotland and Wales. They also support the charity through sponsorship of the Breast Walk Ever.

The goods they collect through the doorstop collections raise a minimum of £100 by tonne for Against Breast Cancer, and is sold and distributed to help people who cannot afford to buy clothing themselves. We do ask that any textile donations are of good quality as RCC can then sell them on.

Since 2011, they have donated over £2 million from their doorstep textile recycling.

They also donate £700 per tonne of bras collected to Against Breast Cancer through our bra recycling scheme, with hundreds of bra banks situated across the country.

Recycling Clothes Company Ltd is a fully-licensed fundraiser, complying with all UK Charity Commission regulations concerning the collection and sale of used clothing and bras.

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