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my skills could make a differenceI wanted to share my skills locally and help improve awareness of this much-needed charity. The impact of volunteers should not be underestimated.

My name is Sara and I recently moved near to Abingdon where Against Breast Cancer is based. I work for the NHS in Communications and Patient Engagement, so when my employer reminded staff of our volunteering policy I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to help. Like many others, I’ve also had close family members affected by breast cancer and wanted to see if my skills could make a difference.

I volunteered for one week, spread over the summer months, and was invited to do a ‘deep dive’ into how the charity communicated online and engaged with volunteers and fundraisers. This included their website and social media with suggestions as to how they could increase the visibility of their posts, targeted links and messages. I also came up with a suggestion for a ‘Volunteer – you make a difference‘ blog where people could share their stories, just like this one, about what they did to support Against Breast Cancer. They can then share their blog on social media, with friends, or with people who have supported their fundraising. The blogs also provide some real examples to read for those who want to get involved but are a little unsure as to where to start or what that would be like.

I looked at how the charity engaged with those people taking part in their events and how surveys could be used to understand more about what was working well and what could be improved. I’ve created their first feedback survey using their new survey software to use at the Breast Walk Ever in Oxfordshire event. I hope the feedback helps them get the most out of future events and that it gives participants the chance to share any ideas they have to develop the events further.

I was also invited to get my camera out and helped with the photography of donations such as clothes and bras for sale online in their eBay shop. Changing a mannequin had me in giggles sometimes as I fought to put some of the tighter clothes on it!

Volunteering my time, sharing my skills and getting involved with the team at Against Breast Cancer has given me greater insight into how the charity works and helped me understand more about what they do. Whatever your skills are, there will be something that you can help with and a helping hand really makes a difference!

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