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When you hold your own event you’ll find it is a really rewarding way to get involved. Whatever you choose to do, we can offer plenty of help, support and materials to help make sure your event is a great success.

Everything from planning your event to paying in the money you’ve raised is covered in the guides below. Why not contact our fundraising team to publicise your event by getting it advertised on this site, or send us your story afterwards together with a few pictures and we’ll post a thank you story online too.

After your event you’ll even have the opportunity to attend one of our open days at the University of Oxford to see just how the funds you have raised are being put to work.

Fundraising Materials

We can provide you with posters, leaflets, stickers, information sheets and collection tins - whatever will be most useful for you.

Collecting Tins

Every penny counts! Collection tin are an essential part of fundraising.

Badges & Wristbands

Against Breast Cancer pin badges and wristbands are a great way to raise money for our research.

Fundraising in your community

Have some fun and unite your community behind a great cause

Make a Splash of Pink!

A Splash of Pink event can be whatever you want it to be.